fine millinery for the discriminating weirdo

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Moe Sew Co Millinery is under the direction of Emily Moe. Each hat is made from the finest materials: velour felt, silks, ribbons and beads.

Each stitch is made entirely by hand with a needle and thread.

Emily’s work tips its hat at styles that are classic, but with a thoroughly modern eye. She creates hats and headwear for women and men, and is happy to create something entirely for you.

Emily maintains an Etsy store, and meets with clients privately from her home in Duluth, MN. Feel free to contact her to make an appointment.

She also teaches millinery regularly both in Duluth and throughout the midwest. Contact her to enquire about upcoming classes.

If you would like to host a class in your community, please let her know. She has taught in schools, shops and homes with small minimum class sizes.

For Race Days, Weddings and High Tea. Spring and summer is when we can let it all bloom: let it all be fanciful.

Many hats from this collection are available for sale at the Moe Sew Co Millinery Etsy Store. Most of these hats can be made to order, and other colors are available. If you would like a hat in a different color or with a different finish, Emily can make a hat that is similar to the one shown. Since all of these hats are made by hand, however, no two hats will be entirely alike. Some variation is inevitable. Final artistic decisions will be made by the milliner with direction from the client.

They cannot be defined by season, only style. For those moments so special they are also timeless. Most of these pieces are custom made, but all can be used as inspiration for your own most special moments.

Men’s hats are my bread and butter. They go so fast I can’t keep them around long enough to get them photographed. Fedora. Trilby. Porkpie. Top Hat. Homburg. Bowler. (and more too that don’t jump to mind!) Then there’s the hats without categories: Doc Holiday, Ray Wylie’s Copper, the alabaster fedora with royal blue band for André Churchwell, M.D. and the hat I made for Stephen Fry. We can start with a shape you know and make it into a hat so absolutely you that it couldn’t have any other name but yours. Fur or beaver felt. Panama straw. Lined or unlined. And so many more options.

Emily has taught across Minnesota and the upper midwest, in schools such as North House Folk School and the Textile Center in Minneapolis, as well as from her home studio in Duluth. Let her know if you would like to take a class.

Beginning millinery students are advised to study felt first as it is the easiest and most forgiving. She can also teach parasisol and panama straw, sinamay, feather trimming techniques and Japanese and French silk flower making. She can create classes and workshops for serious students, Derby and hen parties. They are always fun, and what you are capable of creating will surprise you.